Committe elections 2023

There are committee elections from 11.07 to 21.07 at the University of Stuttgart once again. Go vote!

Three bodies are elected: the Student Parliament (StuPa), the Senate and the Faculty Council (Fakrat). For the StuPa and the Fakrat you can vote for students from your study program. The advantage for you is that all topics that are dealt with in the committees are discussed in advance in the public student council meeting, in which you are also allowed to participate, so you have the opportunity to influence political events on campus even without standing for election. You can vote at the siam-portal of the university Stuttgart.

The Faculty Council decides on issues such as new professorships and the faculty budget. In addition, the faculty council sends representatives to various commissions.

The StuPa is mainly concerned with how your tuition fee can be used sensibly. Your everyday study life is enriched and the studyability at the University of Stuttgart is guaranteed.