Former Exam questions

The students council of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology prints out the examination papers individually for each student. We are afraid that borrowing or downloading is not possible for legal and administrative reasons. The price per printed page (double sided) is 2 cents, which is cheaper than copy prices on campus. We do not earn anything providing this service.

Which modules are included?

Unfortunately it is not possible to list all the exam questions online, especially since availability of past exams varies on a regular basis.
Generally speaking, everything that your predecessors brought back to us over the years is available. That is why we are able to offer several exams for almost every course, the majority with solutions.

As you might have guessed we only have exams that are handed in to us. Therefore, we ask you to take the question papers from each exam and lend them to us so that we can make a copy. your successors will thank you!

How can I access this service?

You receive the exam questions only in person at our office. Simply drop by and we will help you.


Many lecturers offer material such as exam questions on the official university platform ILIAS.

During lecture-free period

As we do not have fixed opening hours during the lecture-free period, it is best if you drop by and collect your exam questions during the semester. Nevertheless, this service is of course available during lecture-free periods. In that case please reach out to us via and make an appointment.