Study plan


Basic studies (Semesters 1-3)

In the first three semesters we recommend following the study plan. You have to take an ungraded interdisciplinary key competencies course of your choice which the study plan foresees in second semester. However, experience has shown that it is fairly unproblematic to postpone this to a later semester.

During your third semester a series of lectures called Overview lectures will inform you about your choices for the specialised studies.

Specialised Studies (Semesters 4-6)

In this second half of the Bachelors program you choose a field to specialize in depending on your personal preferences. Your specialisation is confirmed by the registration of an exam in your major.

Additionally to the mandatory modules in your major you are able to choose two more modules. These are called Wahlf├Ącher and can be found along with all majors in C@mpus.

Bachelor thesis

The Bachelor thesis is the last hurdle to complete your degree and is carried out at an institute of the department. Sometimes it can take up to several months to organize a Bachelor thesis therefore, an early start to your search is highly recommended.

The mentoring program is an excellent opportunity to ask questions concerning your studies but if you have further questions feel free to reach out to us via